Elizabeth Preston Schoyer
Wooly Mammoth Caterpillar Wooly Mammoth Caterpillar (detail)Underwater DesertUnderwater Desert (detail)S.A. Andrée's Ice BalloonS.A. Andrée's Ice Balloon (detail)S.A. Andrée's Ice Balloon (detail)Servant of the MapServant of the Map (detail)Landing of the NarwhalLanding of the Narwhal (detail)Landing of the Narwhal (detail)Tools for Removing AmbergrisIce in its Great Abundance
Arctic and Antarctic
Ice in its great abundance, the North and South poles are an endless landscape of whiteness. These images comes from journals and stories written by and about these explorers.This race to reach the Poles first, by balloon, ship, sled, or otherwise, intrigued me and inspired me to create a precarious place for these ideas to collide.